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Our Initiatives focus on two main areas:

  1. strengthening collaborations with minority populations, and
  2. moving the science of Community Engagement, Dissemination and Implementation forward.


  • The field of implementation science is rapidly growing. The TraCS Institute recently developed a website with new resources and tools to help guide your implementation science research agenda.

    While our primary audience is researchers who are new to this field, we also feature products for the more experienced investigator, as well as others who simply want to incorporate a dissemination or implementation component at the end of their grant proposals.

    Public health practitioners may also benefit from the sources of evidence and tool sections which highlight evidence-based interventions and approaches in clinical and community settings.

    Visit the Implementation Science Exchange

  • North Carolina has one of the nation’s fastest growing Latino populations. Latinos face many barriers to health care and are disproportionately affected by numerous health problems. Engaging Latino populations presents many challenges for clinicians and translational researchers.

    Our goal is to enhance and promote translational research in Latino communities. Through community, clinician, and investigator engagements, ENLaCE provides consultative services and referrals that help move science forward and ultimately improve Latino health.

    ENLaCE provides research support for grants that target Latino populations, facilitates data collection in Latino communities, and builds research capacity to facilitate translational research in Latino communities. Our infrastructure is continuously evolving to meet the growing needs of our current and future partners. We have the capacity and the sincere desire to effect positive change in and for Latino communities.

    Visit the ENLaCE Latino portal for TraCS members interested in learning more about research involving Latino populations.

    Go to ENLaCE Portal

  • Want to learn more about research basics? Need a refresher in developing a proposal? Do you need assistance in locating instructional materials to engage in translational research?

    The Research 101 Portal has multiple resources in one location to support your research knowledge and skill development. Topics include Formulating a Research Question, Study Designs, Statistical and Data Analysis, and Proposal Development.

    CARES’ Research 101 portal can assist you and your research team with various aspects of research and research-related information. The portal includes links to various web-based resources such as instructional videos, online courses, and printable documents.

    Go to Research 101 Portal

  • The HBCU Initiative is designed to expand research activity at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) that are currently engaged in research at one or more points along the translational spectrum.

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH), represented by NC TraCS Institute, has established a collaborative relationship with NC A&T State University as the first partner institution for this initiative. By combining the strengths of partner institutions, the HBCU Initiative aims to increase the number and diversity of faculty involved in translational research.

    UNC-CH has structured a package of resources and services for the HBCU Initiative and works closely with NC A&T State University to support faculty who possess a core set of skills and show promise of career advancement. These faculty members are selected through a competitive process to participate in a program of research mentorship, training, and research resources leading to the development of a grant proposal.

    The HBCU Initiative also facilitates an ongoing dialogue to strengthen research infrastructure at all partner institutions.

    For more information, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • We are developing a theory-based measure of organizational readiness for implementing change. We have completed two pilot tests, are planning a third, and will seek extramural funding to further test and refine the measure.

    Check back soon for additional information and updates!

  • We are creating an instrument to assess the research capacity of community organizations to conduct translational research with academic partners.

    Based on the assessment, TraCS CARES will be able to offer targeted, topic-specific trainings to enhance the capacities of community organizations to engage in translational research.

    Check back soon for additional information and updates!

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