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Are you new to research? Need a refresher in developing a proposal?

Do you need assistance in locating instructional materials to engage in translational research with community and academic partners?

We have organized this portal to include links to various web-based resources such as instructional videos, online courses, and printable documents. In addition, we have added links to training opportunities on the UNC-CH campus such as the Odum Institute and consultative services with NC TraCS.

Translational Research — Improves the health of the population by transforming discoveries from laboratory, clinical, and community settings into changes in medical and public health practice and health policy. Glossary of Terms »
This portal is designed to assist you and your research team with various aspects of research and research-related information. While the resources may help you and/or your team, it is highly recommended that you use these resources in conjunction with the assistance of an academic or research mentor, or an expert with sufficient knowledge about the topic areas. These resources do not substitute for formal instruction in any of the topics.

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