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Do you need to learn how to analyze qualitative and quantitative data?

Below is a list of resources to assist you.



  • Statistical Computing- SPSS

    Odum Institute

    Three-part classroom short course. Part 1 of the course will offer an introduction to SPSS and teach how to work with data saved in SPSS format. Part 2 will demonstrate how to work with SPSS syntax, how to create your own SPSS data files, and how to convert data in other formats to SPSS. Part 3 will teach how to append and merge SPSS files, demonstrate basic analytical procedures, and show how to work with SPSS graphics.
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    Statistical Consulting

    Odum Institute

    Staff on call in the Odum Institute computer laboratories to answer routine statistical and programming questions.
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    Qualitative Analysis- ATLAS.ti

    Odum Institute

    Two-part classroom short course. Part 1 will illustrate the capabilities of ATLAS.ti 7. Part 2 will cover analysis features and using diagrams in your analysis.
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    Qualitative Analysis / Consulting

    Odum Institute

    Staff on call in the Odum Institute computer laboratories to answer routine statistical and programming questions.
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  • Statistics One

    Coursera — Princeton University

    Free online course. Statistics One is designed to be a friendly introduction to very simple, very basic, fundamental concepts in statistics.
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    Passion Driven Statistics

    Coursera — Wesleyan University

    Free online course. Students develop skills in generating testable hypotheses, preparing data for analysis, conducting descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, and presenting research findings.
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    Introduction to Statistics


    Free online course. Covers visualization, probability, regression and other topics that will help you learn the basic methods of understanding data with statistics.
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    Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical & Public Health Research

    edX- Harvard University

    Free 3-month online course. The online adaptation of material from the Harvard School of Public Health's classes in epidemiology and biostatistics.
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    Basic Data Analysis

    Capacity For Health

    CDC-funded webinar. Will teach the basic skills and tools needed to manage and analyze program data, with a special emphasis on analyzing program outcome data.
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    Quantitative Research Methods

    Application of Statistics in Educational Research (ASER)

    An online course for students interested in applying statistics when analyzing educational data. ASER attempts to present statistics in a form that is easily understood without having to grapple with lengthy formulas and tedious computation.
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    Statistics in Medicine

    Stanford University

    Online instruction and self-paced course available. The self-paced version of the course can be taken at any time, minus homework evaluations and teaching assistant support.
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  • SPSS for Beginners

    1. Introduction to SPSS
    2. Frequency Counts and Descriptive Statistics
    3. Correlations
    4. Regression
    5. Multiple Regression
    6a. One-sample t-tests and Confidence Intervals
    6b. Paired-samples t-tests and Confidence Intervals
    6c. Independent-samples t-tests and Confidence Intervals

    Microsoft Access for Beginners

    1. Creating Tables- Part 1
    2. Creating Tables- Part 2
    3. Creating Forms
    4. Relationships Between Tables- Part 1
    5. Relationships Between Tables- Part 2
    6. Understanding a Basic Database
    7. Query Design
    8. The Ribbon Interface

  • Data Analysis Basics

    UNC Center for Public Health Preparedness

    Addresses different types of variables. Describes methods for data coding and data cleaning. Discusses univariate data analysis methods for categorical and continuous variables.
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    Data Analysis

    Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

    Emphasizes the analysis of ethnographic and other forms of qualitative data in public health research.
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    Intro to Methods for Health Services / Research & Evaluation

    Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

    Provides an introduction to basic methods for undertaking research and program evaluation within health services organizations and systems.
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